Changes for tomorrow's game v Hawks

Here's some changes I'd like to see for tomorrow night's game

PG- Warren
SG- Ng
SF- Creek
PF- Simpson
C- Johnson

Reasoning: Daly isn't a starter, so we'll need to use Warren at the point. Warren needs to get into his head his future- in the NBL or any other league except maybe the Philippines- is as a PG. He needs to work hard on his dribbling against pressure and at creating for his teammates. Ng is a quality shooter and Simpson scores at will in the post, so assists (and wins) will come if he gets this right. Playing the bottom team I'd start Ng. It's at home where he's a significantly better player and we're playing the bottom team so I'd go all out attack. I'd start Creek to shake things up. Weigh is in a funk (under 11pts, 12-36FG) and as shown last week by his 3rd quarter benching, this might give him some extra motivation.

Especially early, we must get it into Simpson and Johnson to get their confidence up and pressure the Hawks bigs. The bigs must look for Ng and Warren when they get doubled. If Ng gets hot early it will be a long night for the Hawks.

Off the bench I'd have Herbert split minutes with Ng, being used primarily as a stopper. Daly should give Warren 2 x 3min spells at the end of the 1st and 3rd (like Utah did with Stockton for 20 years). Helliwell will spell DJ or Simpson (he needs a nickname) and should play around 15-20, using his fouls and setting screens (which he does well against pressure D which the Hawks will play if they have any sense).

The starting lineup I've suggested has some flaws on this end of the florr, so there needs to be a lot of help. Would also be nice to see some creativity on D, using a mix of man, zone and fullcourt press.

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