3 Keys To Beating The Wildcats

Beating Perth in Perth is never an easy task. Adelaide pulled it off for their first win of the season back on Oct 28, but doing it again ain't gonna be easy. Here's 3 things I think will get us the W if we can execute them right.

1/ Beat The Press
Their press was awesome against us in Rd 1, but not as good in Rd 4 due to the absence of it's spark- Damian Martin. He'll likely be back, making it tougher for us to get the ball up court. The key is for us to not rely on NC and Warren to dribble past them, but to run our press breakers and quickly get the ball to halfcourt. We pulled this off a few times successfully last week resulting in some quick,easy points.

2/ Guard the perimeter
We often get caught napping defending the 3 and Perth is a team that will punish you especially if you do. We've got to make sure our guards don't get caught on the pick and rolls/screens and are aware at all times where the shooters are. Redhage, Lisch,Martin and Bartlett are all hitting the 3 at 40% or better, so we can't let them get easy looks.

3/ Feed our bigs
Adelaide teams are renowned for living and dying by the 3. Last week they killed us. We need to give Diamon and DJ plenty of shots down low as they have shown they can score at will when given the ball in their spots. Plus Perth's interior D is not as good as their perimeter D. Getting the ball in early plenty of times will lead to Perth sending the guards down to go for some steals or apply pressure and should open up our shooters for more good looks if needed.

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