What was that all about? Sixers v Blaze

Not sure how to sum up tonight's game, but it was a bad loss. Gold Coast are a good, well balanced team but that was one we needed. What can we put it down to? Here's a few ideas............

Nathan Crosswell- he was either injured or had personal issues but he was clearly not in the game tonight. Only played 10 minutes and registered 2pts (free throws), 1 assist, 2 turnovers and 3 fouls. Played 5 minutes in the first and third and wasn't sighted again. This murdered team balance.

Free Throws- 8/17

Triples- 8/26

Other stats- Outrebounded them by 13, but had 10 tunovers to their 3. Three! That tells you we played the old matador defence.

The D was poor, team balance was not there and there was little passion outside Ng and Simpson (and no I don't count DJ's "oh dad" routine with Marty Clarke everytime something doesn't go his way). Will be interesting to hear what comes out about Crosswell- this really affected the team tonight. His absence clearly hurt Warren and there were very few good open looks for anyone.

Stephen Weigh- got his 30 minutes but had a forgettable night. 2/7 with 4 boards and 3 assists. Missed Crosswell. 4/10

Nathan Herbert- poor. In 6 minutes he logged 3 points on 1/5 and 3 fouls. Was overly aggressive and killed his night. Was a golden opportunity for him tonight that he blew. 1/10

Tom Daly- got a chance and the team had a nice little run when he was on but didn't contribute much to it. 2/10

Darren Ng- 20pts in 23 minutes is a great output. Took a few ill advised shots but he was the only shooter with anything resembling a hot hand. Got burned badly on D several times (including by Jason Cadee). One of the few who can hold his head high. 7/10

Wade Helliwell- only got 5 minutes, didn't do much with it. Had one awesome screen that sent Deleon sprawling. 2/10

Chris Warren- made some bold drives but his shot was way off (1/7 on triples). 9pts and 5 assists. 4/10

Daniel Johnson- got a double double and had some good moments, including 2 flukey inside finishes. Need to cut back the looks to the coaches bench when something goes against him and just put his head down and get the job done. 7/10

Mitch Creek- went for a ridiculous dunk and did little else besides nail a nice 3. Needs some stable court time. 3/10

Nathan Crosswell-all out of sorts (as above) but I'm guessing there was a legit reason. 1/10

Diamon Simpson- probably our best. A beast inside 14 and 13 with 3 great swats. Needs more looks, shoots a great % and doesn't take stupid shots. 7/10

Adam Ballinger- only got 12 minutes. Got 7 boards which is a phenomenal return but his shot has deserted him (1/6). Is struggling with the role but him and the team need to persist with it. 3/10.

Marty Clarke- was hamstrung by his guards and probably made the best of a bad situation. Should have demanded more entry passes and more looks for Simpson and DJ. Needs to get a press break sorted, teams are continuing to press because we haven't shown the ability to constantly beat it. 6/10


  1. 6/10 for Clarke? Seriously? Not even 15 minutes of the game had passed and already 11 players had entered the game. Starting with 2 point guards, then going with 2 centres, 2 PF's and then 2 SF's does not say "made the best of a bad situation". It says, "I'm sorry, I'm just a juniors coach". Rotations were "WTF?". My score 4/10.

  2. Trust me "anonymous", generally I'm not a massive fan of his sub patterns but I thought last night he was hamstrung by Crosswell (for whatever reason) and Herbert's foul trouble. This meant he had to play Warren more at point and also try out Daly. I also picked up the use of 11 so early in, I think it's ridiculous but most teams these days do seem to get all 10 guys on the court. Talent wise our first ten all deserve some minutes but this comes at the cost of team balance. Things like subbing a guy in 30secs after a timeout drives me nuts. The two point guards issue all stems back to us recruiting a PG who isn't best suited to PG. They need to decide soon if they are better off with Crosswell and Warren or getting a legit import PG and going import/Ng or import/Creek. Warren has had some good scoring games but could Ng produce the same with similar opportunities? A legit PG who finds his shooters (kinda like Cadee last night- 6 assists in 11 minutes) is invaluable.

  3. Crosswell sat in the first because 5 mins in he had 2 fouls. Didnt play in the second because he can't shoot and does not spread the floor and we needed Herbert or Ng out there to bust the Gold Coast zone. Simple basketball decisions really. Then Darren got hot in the 4th and rightfully stayed in the game.

    If you're going to criticise Boti, maybe you should look a bit deeper yourself.

  4. Hey Daniel,

    Even though Crosswell picked up 2 quick ones, doesn't explain why he didn't even play in the 2nd or 4th at all. He's not a great shooter but can get to the basket at times and can find the open man. Maybe that game will bring forward some tough decisions on our backcourt if we can only play our starting PG against certain teams and situations. I'm not bagging Crosswell- I love him as a backup but he's not up to starting in this league and playing 30+ minutes.

    Wasn't criticizing Boti, I love his work, just questioning his change in tune over just 48hrs over the "plan".

    Good points, keep them coming.


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