The Rogers Medal and Cattalini Cup

This weekend the 36ers and Wildcats will be playing for the chance to win the Cattalini Cup (awarded to the team who wins) and the Rogers Medal (MVP). Both of these guys (Martin Cattalini and Paul Rogers if you're still confused) played for both Adelaide and Perth, both at differing stages of their career. First up let's have a quick look at Paul Roger's career with the teams.

Rogers started his career with Adelaide in 1992, only getting spot minutes for 2 seasons as a raw but talented big man. He then played 3 years at Gonzaga and got drafted by the Lakers but never played a game in the NBA. In 1999 he returned to Australia for Perth and had success immediately, playing a key part in Perth's championship run in 1999/2000. He quickly stamped himself as one of the dominant bigs in the league, a huge turnaround from when he was last seen in the NBL. He played another 2 seasons in Perth before returning home to play for Phil Smyth's 36ers. As had been the case with many previous Adelaide "5's" he mainly got to stand around and watch his team mates jack up 3's and consequently got limited touches. Before the halfway mark of the season he suffered a serious achillies injury and didn't return to the team again.

He left the 36ers for 3 years in Spain before returning to Perth for another successful stint, retiring in glory after winning the 2009/2010 NBL championship. He will go down as one of Perth's great players, unfortunately we only had him for the first 2 years of his career and less than half a season when he was in his prime. Being honest, he probably wasn't an ideal fit for the offense "The General" liked to run. Like Bradtke and Wheeler before him, he will be remembered as one of the NBL's best ever bigs who got his start in Adelaide but spent his best years in another singlet.

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