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LinkBoti's Article 28/11/11

Why did Crosswell only get 10 minutes? Surely an injury or personal reasons. Didn't look into it at all. His lack of play and Herbert's poor back up to last weeks promising game hurt us bad.

In saturday's article on the fans you wrote "true fans understand building a team is a like a gourmet feast, not a happy meal". With your comments above about our 8th and 9th results it looks like you're conceding we either don't really have a plan, or the one we have is rubbish. Examples- last year we cut two good young guys in Bruce and Hill and let go of Jacob Holmes. All 3 are having superior years to last year at their new clubs. Bruce is 3rd in the league assists per game and Holmes 2nd in boards. The decision to hang onto Herbert over Bruce was especially odd. The plan was obviously to put 3 young Aussies around 2 quality imports (PF and PG) except with Warren being best suited to PG we now have our veteran backup starting. The plan is flawed..........

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