League Leaders

Good to see three of our players featuring in the top 3 stats categories.

Leading the league in assists at 5.6 per game. The 9 he got last game helped bump his average up. If he stays a starter and mainly feeds it to Simpson down deep or Warren for open 3's no reason he can't stay up there.

3rd in scoring at 17.9. Not a huge number but when you're only playing around 32mins that a solid number. Most impressive is his 3pt shooting, nailing 26-56 at 46%. Yes, that does mean he is taking eight 3's a game. As a comparison, Ray Allen averaged just over 4.5 attempts last year. We'll gloss over the fact he's also leading the league in turnovers (leading meaning getting the most which in this instance is a bad thing) as now that he's not playing much PG this should go down.

3rd in boards at 8.3 a game. In under 20 minutes a game. Also leading the league in FG% at over 70%. Imagine these numbers when he gets fully in game shape (a good sign will be him not panting 5 minutes into the first quarter) and gets the fouls under control.

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